Roost Home Telematics

Transforming property insurance with smart, in-home solutions that monitor real life situations, in real time.

Roost Commercial Insurance Solution

Perfect for commercial carriers writing property coverage in select verticals including small & medium businesses, multi-family-properties, houses of worship and small hotels.

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Customer Engagement Insurance Solution

Build trust, loyalty and retention by making your customer relationship tangible, authentic and relevant.

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Loss Mitigation Insurance Solution

The quicker a policyholder is aware of a fire or water leak, the lower the hassle and overall cost of a claim.

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Build Loyalty & Retention

Develop trust, loyalty and retention by making your customer relationship tangible and relevant.

Save on Claims

Receive early notification from policyholders about fire or water leaks in order to reduce claim time and overall costs.

The Largest & Fastest Growing Home Telematics Solution for Insurance Partners Worldwide

Roost has reported more than 1 billion data points worldwide.

A Win-Win For Everyone

Join insurance partners that are united by the vision of making the home a better and safer place through home telematics.

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