Security360 From Roost - Complete Home Protection

The next evolution in home security brought to you by your insurance carrier.

Security360 From Roost - Complete Home Protection

The next evolution in home security brought to you by your insurance carrier.

For the first time ever, get 24/7 professionally-monitored home security alongside your existing homeowners insurance at a price you can afford. Safe, secure and protected.

A Comprehensive System

From flooding and fire protection to anti-theft sensors, Roost has you covered.

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In addition to functioning as a smoke alarm listening device, the SmartBase acts as the  central hub of the Security360 Service, connecting to all of your individual sensors and sending alarm signals to the 24/7 professional monitoring station in case of an emergency.


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Motion Sensor

The Motion Sensor is mounted on the wall in a high traffic area. It will sense motion and trigger an alarm signal when armed. Typically this is when a person crosses the path of its infrared sensor.


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Entry Sensor

The Entry Sensors are typically mounted on doors and ground level windows. When armed, they will trigger an alarm signal when any door or window is opened.


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Water Leak/Temperature Sensor

The Water Leak and Temperature Sensors notify you of a water leak, freezing temperature or high temperature conditions. When these conditions are detected, an alarm signal is triggered and notifications are sent to your phone and the monitoring service.


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Smoke Alarm Listener

The Smoke Alarm Listener mounts within 6″ of an existing smoke alarm. When a smoke alarm sounds, the device alerts our 24/7 monitoring center and primary user/emergency contacts for confirmation of a fire prior to dispatching local fire services.


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The Keypad’s primary function is to arm or disarm your Security360 system to manage when intrusion alarms are triggered and sent to the 24/7 monitoring service. There are 3 primary alarm states: Off, AWAY and HOME


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Included Hardware:

  • SmartBase
  • 1 Keypad
  • 3 Entry sensors
  • 1 Motion sensor
  • 1 Smoke Alarm Listener
  • 2 Water leak/temperature sensors
  • 2 Window/door stickers


Alerts and Notifications

  • Burglary alarm
  • Smoke/fire alarm
  • Water leak detection
  • Freeze detection
  • High temperature detection
  • Power & Wi-Fi outage
  • 24/7 emergency dispatch


Your Complete Home Security360 Service

With Roost, your home security system and insurance coverage actually work together to deliver 360-degree protection.

Preventative Monitoring

Protect what you value most and get notified about home emergency situations – like intrusions, fires or water leaks with our sensors.

Alert Notifications

Our SmartBase hub communicates with our 24/7 professional monitoring team and lets you know immediately if something is wrong with rapid alert notifications to your phone.

24/7 Professional Monitoring

Highly trained and helpful operators are standing by to assist and escalate to dispatch emergency authorities in the event you need them.

Insurance Coverage

Like always, your insurance partner is there to help with the cost and management of any damage that should occur.

Security in the Palm of Your Hand.

Conveniently manage your home security anytime anywhere with our easy-to-use mobile app.


Arm and disarm your home security system from your phone or keypad.



Get instant alerts about your home no matter where you are.



Speak with our live operators 24/7 for instant dispatch of emergency services if you ever need them.


A Name You Can Trust.

As an established and trusted name in the industry, Roost has partnered with the Insurance Carriers below. If you currently have a policy with one of the carriers listed, please click their logo to be taken to your unique Security360 offer.

Frequently asked questions

How do I sign up for Security360?

Visit to purchase a Security360 kit from Roost

If you have a homeowner insurance policy with one of our preferred partners listed above, simply visit their website to learn more about your unique offer on the Security360 system.


Does my insurance carrier offer a discount

With our preferred partners, you may be eligible for a premium discount on your homeowner policy. Reference the offer you received from your insurance provider to see if you are eligible.

If you do not have a policy with one of our preferred carriers, check with your homeowner insurance provider to see if they offer a discount for professionally monitored home security.


What happens if I change my insurance carrier?

Nothing! If you change insurance carriers, you will still have full access to your Security360 system from Roost.


How long does set-up take?

Setting up your Security360 system should take less than 30 minutes! If you need additional support, please visit or contact our customer care team at or by phone at 1(913)353-3831 (8am-8pm eastern time, Monday-Friday).


Can I purchase additional sensors for my Security360 system?

Yes! Please visit the Roost store at to purchase additional sensors for your Security360 system.


Are there early termination charges?

If you signed a multi-month contract and you cancel the service before the contract ends, you will be subject to early termination charges as outlined in the terms of your contract with Roost.

If you have not signed a multi-month contract, there are no early termination charges.


Need help? Email or
call 1(913)353-3831 M-F from 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. EST.