Saved us a world of damage

I installed three Roost water leak detection devices in my home to provide some peace of mind in loss prevention for a busy family always on the go. I didn’t expect that one of the devices would come to the rescue so soon, but not more than two months after installation, I received a notification to my cell phone that the sensor in the basement detected water. Curiously I wandered down to the basement, not knowing what I would find and half expecting a false alarm, but what I found required immediate attention. One of our plumbing pipes had sprung a leak and water began overflowing any time water ran in the house. I immediately called the plumber to have it resolved and it was fixed that evening, in time for my toddler’s bathtime. This little device saved us a world of damage, money, and headache. I couldn’t be happier with the device, the customer service I receive from this company, and the solutions they provide.

~Kristin, Long Island, NY