Roost® Announces Pilot Program with Alfa Insurance

Roost® Announces Pilot Program
with Alfa Insurance

Sensor Deployment to Mitigate Water Leak Claim Costs and Increase Customer Engagement

Sunnyvale, CA – July 21, 2021 – Roost, the global leader in Property Telematics for property insurance carriers, announced today a pilot program with Alabama-based Alfa Insurance. This strategic agreement is designed to help reduce claims frequency and severity, and to increase customer engagement.

The Roost Smart Water Leak and Freeze Detector is designed to sense water leaks as well as humidity and freezing temperature situations. Each detector can be easily located in places around the home most prone to water leaks, such as under kitchen sinks, hot water heaters, toilets and various appliances. It then delivers smartphone alerts via an app to help minimize water damage and loss.

“Roost is proud to announce this pilot program with Alfa Insurance,” said Roel Peeters, Roost CEO. “By deploying the innovative Roost water leak and freeze solution, we will help Alfa Insurance meet their goals of reducing water leak loss and severity and providing peace of mind to their policyholders that their home is protected, even when they are away.”

“We are very excited to announce this pilot program with Roost to deliver their smart sensors in Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi.” said Crystal Johnson, Vice President, Business Innovation. “At Alfa Insurance, we are focused on providing our policyholders with value and trusted solutions. Our relationship with Roost will help us to achieve this goal.”

Roost’s Home Telematics solutions are changing the way insurers engage with their policyholders, mitigate fire & water claims, and drive new business growth.

About Roost:

Roost is a technology company based in Sunnyvale, California that is focused on disrupting the traditional property insurance model through their “Property Telematics” suite of solutions. Roost started in the home with a smart 9V battery that transforms smoke alarms, a smart water leak & freeze detector and a smart garage door sensor.  These three affordable smart sensors provide peace-of-mind to homeowners and rich data to insurers.

Roost serves the commercial property segment with Protection360, a commercial SMB loss prevention service incorporating 24/7 alert monitoring through a hardware kit with proprietary wireless and long-range sensors to detect water, smoke, power, temp and occupancy. Roost delivers these easy to install commercial property solutions with a white-label mobile app and a cloud-based platform.

Roost’s primary Go-to-market approach is through insurance companies deploying directly to their policyholders. The effect is a reduction in claim related losses (fire and water perils costing $25B/year in US) as well as driving policyholder engagement through a content rich, digital mobile app experience, impacting retention and customer acquisition. Roost is focused on changing the way property insurance models assess risk and pricing on a real-time basis. For more information, please visit

About Alfa Insurance

Alfa’s mission
Alfa® continues to strive every day to be the best insurance company for its customers. As a company that truly cares, Alfa wants to be known for providing the best personalized service, making it easy for customers to do business and being there when they need insurance coverage most.

Alfa’s vision
Alfa will focus on effective use of technology to enhance the productivity of our people and increase our knowledge of, and service to, our customers, while investing resources in product and geographic expansion.

Alfa’s history
As an outgrowth of the Alabama Farmers Federation, Alfa Insurance Companies began in 1946 to provide quality fire insurance to federation members, who were primarily farmers. John Tucker Harris, a prominent Lee County farmer and past president of the Lee County farm organization, sent in the first pre-insurance application. Since then, Alfa has grown to offer an excellent array of insurance coverages including life, property and automobile to its clients and has also become known for superior customer service. Alfa and its affiliates now provide insurance and other financial services to more than 1 million customers in multiple states.


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