Hard to Estimate how much Damage the Leak Detectors Have Prevented

I have a lot of Roost leak detectors. There is one at every location where a water line enters a room (every sink, toilet, washing machine, evaporative cooler line, hot water heater, etc.) in 3 houses that we own. The devices have warned of at least 6 leaks in the past year. There have been no false alarms except when I forget to keep my fingers off of the contacts when I pick them up. Not all of the alarms have been water pipe leaks. One alarm was because the P-trap had come loose under a sink and the sewer water was dripping out. One alarm was because the roof sprung a leak and dripped water near the leak detector. Another alarm was due to the lines to our water filter not being tight enough. Most of the alarms have been due to connections loosening in water lines feeding sinks. It is hard to estimate how much damage the leak detectors have prevented to our cabinets and flooring.