We would have had a flooded crawlspace if not for Roost!

We live in Chapel Hill, NC and were having torrential rains from Hurricane Florence as it was making its way north. I received a notification from my Roost water sensor in our crawlspace that we had a water leak. I checked and found the crawlspace drain starting to backup into the crawlspace and the plastic floor had large amounts of water building up underneath. It was about 11 pm but with the rate it was back filling and the water pooling under the plastic floor I realized that I had better take quick action or face a flooded crawlspace by morning. An additional 4 inches of rain was predicted over in the next few hours. I donned rain gear and went outside and dug down by the foundation and found a 4 inch correlated drain from the crawlspace that was completely blocked. I dug out the block and the water poured out as if coming from a fire hose. It was clear we would have had a flooded crawlspace and damage to our home if it were not for our Roost water sensor! Thank you for a great product that does what it advertises! And it was so easy to set up as well. ~John, Chapel Hill, NC