We would have lost everything.

At Roost, our primary focus is to increase the peace of mind of homeowners through simple-to-use and cost-effective smart home technology. We work hard every day to develop and improve our products. When a customer shares a story like this one, we feel that our hard work has been worthwhile. Thank you for placing your trust in Roost. We’ll continue to work hard each day to earn it.
– Roel Peeters, Co-Founder & CEO James Blackwell, Co-Founder & CTO

On March 29, 2017, our Roost Smart Battery aided in mitigating a devastating home fire.

Away at work, a smartphone notification from his Roost Smart Battery alerted Tom S. that his smoke alarm was sounding in his home. Knowing that his 87-year old mother was home alone, he immediately contacted a neighbor to check on her and the house. A malfunctioning bathroom fan had started a fire. The garage apartment where his mother lived was severely damaged by the fire, but the main portion of Tom and his wife Donna’s rural home was spared due to the actions of Tom’s mother, his neighbor and many local volunteer fire departments.

Planning for peace of mind when you are away

The Product Solution:
Tom’s mother recently returned from a winter vacation in Florida and moved into an apartment over the garage in his and Donna’s home in New York’s Hudson Valley region. The couple decided they wanted greater peace of mind about her safety while they were away from home, especially since their home sits at the end of a quarter-mile driveway out of view of any neighbors.
After doing some research on the internet, Tom purchased a Roost Smart Battery to install in one of his existing smoke alarms. He connected and installed the battery on Sunday, March 26, in less than five minutes. On Wednesday, March 29, fire broke out in the couple’s home while they were both away.

“We would have lost everything if it weren’t for the Roost Smart Battery,”— homeowner, Donna S.

Wednesday morning, a malfunctioning exhaust fan in the apartment bathroom exploded and ignited an electrical fire in the ceiling and surrounding roof rafters. Tom’s mother was home alone at the time, and heard a loud “pop” coming from the bathroom. When she investigated, she saw that falling pieces of the fan had ignited carpet and a shower curtain. She acted quickly, and put out the flames with water. Looking up and realizing that fire was burning in the fan and rafters overhead, she concluded that the situation was beyond her control. She struggled with a cell phone to try and call 911. Unsuccessful at her attempt to call 911, she proceeded to get in her car to drive to a neighbor’s home for help.
In the meantime, the smoke alarms began sounding throughout the house. Tom, who was at work, received a notification on his smartphone that the Roost-enabled alarm was sounding. He immediately contacted his neighbor and asked him to go to his house to check out the situation.

“The firefighters told us that in another 15 to 30 minutes, our entire home would have been in flames.”— homeowners, Tom and Donna S.

Tom’s neighbor was able to meet his mother at the top of the couple’s driveway and called 911. West Clinton firefighters were the first responders, arriving on the scene at 11:30 am to find one side of the home fully engulfed with flames shooting out of the roof and smoke billowing from the windows.
Thankfully, the firefighters were able to extinguish the blaze and save half of the home. While Tom and Donna attribute the Roost Smart Battery with being the catalyst that helped to save their home, they know that the hard work and tireless service of local volunteer firefighters from West Clinton, East Clinton, Pleasant Valley, Staatsburg, Rhinebeck, Hillside and Dutchess County, along with the LaGrange EMS and New York State Police, made the difference in the fire not destroying everything they own.

“We’re telling everyone we know about Roost.”— homeowner Donna S.

Convinced that the Roost Smart Battery helped save their home, Donna and Tom are telling everyone they know about how the Roost Smart Battery can increase safety in the case of a fire, especially if no one is home.

At Roost, our mission is to increase customers’ peace-of-mind. We believe that smart home devices like the Roost Smart Battery, Smart Smoke Alarm and Smart Water Leak Detector can help prevent or mitigate tragic loss associated with common home fire and water hazards.

We’re honored to have played a role in saving Tom and Donna’s home and also want to thank the local volunteer fire departments for their hard work.